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About the Registry

Welcome to the web-based online personal property security registry system. This government e-service site is where you find the Security Interests in movable property registered in the Personal Property Registry System for Malawi. The purpose of this on-line service is to provide a facility for lenders interested in taking collateral as security to both check (search) if the proposed collateral has an existing security interest registered against it and to register its’ security interest against that collateral to protect their priority status as outlined in the Personal Property Security Act.
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Useful Tips

  • How To Search Registrations as a public User

    -Click on the search menu item above

    -Enter the search parameters and click search

    -The results of your search will be displayed below the search parameters

    -Search is free. Payment is required only if you want to generate a search certificate

  • Making Payments

    -All payments are can be made at the Malawi Savings Bank

    -Before making payments generate a voucher code from the system

    -Make payments with this voucher code and retrieve the transaction reference id

    -Confirm payments within the system to credit your voucher code(public users) or wallet(logged in users)

  • Prior Financing Statements

    -The PPSRS shall allow registration of prior financing statements for a period of 6 months from the go-live date

    -All prior financing statements should be registered under the prior financing statement menu item

    -Ensure the date of registration is correctly specified when you fill out the form



The Malawi Personal Property Security Registry System Web-based system holds a number of functionalities for both registered users and public users.
The system allows the following online operations:
  • Processing of Client Account Registrations
  • Processing of Client Payment Subscription Account
  • Registration of Financing Statement
  • Processing of Financing Change Statement (Amendment, Assignments, Renewals, Subordination)
  • Processing of Enforcement
  • Processing of Enforcement Cancellation
  • Processing of Discharge (Termination)
  • Processing of Search Requests
  • Processing Payments
  • Generation of Search Certificates and Management Reports
  • Application Configuration
  • Application Administration